Thursday, April 16, 2015

C4T #4: DMLCentral

C4T #4 - Post 1: The Flaws of Online Course Testing 

Online Course Testing Jade Davis posted a blog about the many flaws of online testing. One of her main complaints was that students at some universities are being monitored via web cam while testing. She proposed the question that what happens when something goes on in the background while a student is testing? What happens when a naked child runs across the seen? Are those images protected? I commented giving my opinion on the matter and thanking Jade for sharing the information because I had no prior knowledge about this going on.

My comment to Jade Davis:

Hey Jade,
I'm Johanna Logan a student at the University of South Alabama studying Elementary Education. Through my college experience I have noticed that most courses are blended which means you come to class in participate in the lessons and activities but your quiz and/ or exam is online. I personally do not agree with students having to be monitored by video throughout out the test, due to what could or does go on inside their home. I found your post to be very informational, I had no former knowledge of this going on in colleges.
Thank you for sharing.
If you have the chance you should take the time to look at my blog.
Johanna's Blog

- Johanna Logan

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