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Project #12: SMART Board Instruction

Blog Post #10: What can we learn from Ms. Cassidy?

A girl in awe of the tablet she is using in her class.In the video Little Kids...Big Potential it was obvious that the students in Ms. Cassidy's class enjoyed learning in a technology based atmosphere. I think it is so rewarding all the things these students are being allowed to do and that they are learning in the process. I often wish that growing up I would have been in classrooms that incorporated this much use of technology, and since I wasn't it makes me so eager to have a classroom of my own so that I can present students with this opportunity. Ms. Cassidy has taught me the importance of technology inside the classroom. In the Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 1 Ms. Cassidy explains that we cannot continue to teach the children of this generation the way we taught kids 10 or 20 years ago. Technology in the world today is changing and so therefor so is learning. By not allowing your students to have this opportunity and not giving them access to theses tools you are not only handicapping them, but you as a teacher as well. I personally love the use of blogs in the classrrom, I feel that having an audience to wrtie to makes the writting expereince that much more enjoyable. I also enjoyed the part in the Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 3, where she let her students create a class Facebook paeg. I felt that that was a great use of social media in the classroom. and  Kids enjoy technology and if we as teachers begin to incorporate it in our lessons, the children are going to be more excited to learn. A successful learning experience is what we want and with the use of technology we will find that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

C4K: Summary for March

Kids holding letters that spell SCHOOL

C4K #5: Nolan

Nolan is a student in Mrs. Maslowski's 4th period. The blog post I chose to comment on from Nolan's blog was titled Driving at a Young Age. In this blog Nolan talked about how there is a controversy between kids being able to drive at 16. He stated that he thought kids should be able to drive at 16 so they can have a job, but he never put anyone elese's opinion. At the end of his blog he asked for a feedback on what he could improve.

My comment to Nolan:

Hi Nolan!

I"m Johanna Logan. I'm currently a student at the University of South Alabama studying to become an Elementary teacher. I found your post to be very interesting, it was nice to see your point of view on driving at a young age. But, I do think that adding others perspectives on the topic would have enhanced your essay to its full potential.
Thank you for sharing!
Here's a link to my blog. 
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- Johanna Logan

C4K #6: Luis

Luis is a student in in Mrs. Maslowski's 8th period. The blog post I chose to comment on from Luis's blog was titled High School Advice. In this blog Luis spoke specifically to those who are or about to entering High School. He warns them that need to be outgoing and friendly so that they can meet a lot of friends. He had very few grammatical errors that I suggested he correct, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed Luis's advice.

My comment to Luis:

Hey Luis!
I'm Johanna Logan. I'm a student at the University of South Alabama studying to become a teacher. I enjoyed reading your blog and found it very informative to incoming high school students, but you did have a few grammatical errors. For example, your second sentence that begins with if, the i in if should be capital. Also, the word its should have an apostrophe after the t and before the s, to state it is.
Besides your easy-to-fix errors your blog was very well done. If you ever have some free time, you should take a look at my blog.
Johanna's Blog

Thank you for sharing!

-Johanna Logan

C4K #7: Connor A.

Connor is a student in Mrs. Lombard's 7th Grade English class. The blog post I chose to comment of from Connor's blog was titled Julie and the Wolves. Connor summarized the book and expressed what type of audience he felt the book would attract. He had very impressive writing skills.

My comment to Connor A:

Hey Connor!
I'm Johanna Logan. I'm currently a student at the University of South Alabama studying to become a teacher.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I am impressed with your writing skills. You did very well at creating a summary. I too have read Julie of the Wolves, and I think your summary fits it well.
Thank you for sharing!
If you have any free time you should take a look at my class blog.
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Blog Post #9: What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

Little boy holding the letters that spell learn
In the Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning article it teaches us that we need to stray away from the old fashioned pen and paper style learning and incorporate Project Based Learning into our classrooms. Students feed off of the teacher, and if we as teachers don't show interest and interaction into the lesson or project that is being presented, then neither will they. 

Project Based Learning For Teachers informs us that Common Core is the WHAT and Project Based Learning is the HOW. Meaning we are given standards on what the students need to be learning and we need to use Project Based Learning to show how they have learned it. 

it was neat to see the different things that motivated the different students. the classroom store was my favorite in particular. Personally, I fell that the reward pushes the child to be more involved so that they can learn in order to pass what ever assessment or achievement they have to in order to get the reward. The reward lets the students know that the teacher is willing to give credit when effort is put in. 

video was by far my favorite. I  love how a problem so small in the ever day life of Jonathan and Tyler became such an important project. Through this project theses two boys were able to figure out how to create a solution to their problem, and even got to use a 3D printer to print their finalized project. 

I found the Ten Sites Supporting Digital Classroom Collaboration In Project Based Learning article to be very helpful and informative, especially as a new teacher. Though a lot of the sites we have already been introduced to in EDM 310 there were a few that we haven not. Even for teacher who have not had a course like EDM 310 this sites gives insightful knowledge on helpful sites to use in your classroom while incorporating Project Based Learning.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blog Post #8: What Can We Learn About Teaching From Randy Pausch?

Who was Randy Pausch? 

A picture of Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch was an overall very inspiring man. His full time job, the one he put the majority of his time and effort into, was being a professor in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Alongside being a professor he was the co - founder of the Entertainment Technology Center and also instructed the researchers that founded a program that taught students about computer programming, called Alice. In 2007 Randy Pausch was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He knew that one day this disease would take his life, but until that day came he would continue to live the life he wanted and would still strive to follow every single dream he had.

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture reminds us that dreams are not always dreams, sometimes with hard work and dedication they come true. He teaches us that even the silly absurd childhood dreams you never think will come true, can. In the lecture he shares with us his own personal child hood dreams and what he did to achieve them. He taught me to teach with honesty and sincerity. 

A  picture that says make your dreams come true

Randy's Childhood Dreams:
  • Being in zero gravity
  • Playing in the NFL
  • Authoring an article in the world book encyclopedia
  • Being  meeting Captain Kirk
  • Winning stuffed animals
  • Being a Disney Imagineer

His last lecture was very powerful in that he was giving the advice he felt others needed from him before he would leave this world. He spoke to the audience about how he never gave up on other things other than his childhood dreams, like getting into his dream school. My favorite part of the lecture was towards the end when Randy said "Teaching college students to have fun is like a fish teaching others about the importance of water." What he meant by that was that even though he was dying he was still living a fun life, and he would continue to until he couldn't anymore. This quote stuck with me through the whole lecture. Nothing held this man back, NOTHING. I am thankful I was introduced to his work, bust most importantly his humor. 

Important tips Randy left behind:

  • Decide whether you at a Tigger or an Eeyore.  
  • Never lose your child-like wonder.
  • Help others.
  • Never give up.
  • Listen to feedback.
  • Always show gratitude. 
  • Don't complain, just work harder.
  • Be good at something, it makes you valuable.
  • Work so hard people ask you what your secret is.
  • Find the good in everybody; no matter how you have long you have to wait for them to show it.
  • Be prepared; "luck" is where preparation meets opportunity

C4T #2: Teacher Tom

C4T #2 - Post 1: Smart and Happy Kids

In the post Smart and Happy Kids Teacher Tom basically gives advice to parents on how to parent. He states that as a parent you need to be honest and caring. He also says to show them love when they need it but also discipline. Teacher Tom had a lot of great advice, I really enjoyed reading this blog.

My comment to Teacher Tom:

Hi Tom!

I'm Johanna Logan, a student a the University of South Alabama studying to become a Elementary teacher.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I loved when you said "If you don't know the answer, be brave enough to say, "I don't know." If you don't want to answer, say, "I need to think about that," because that's what you're going to be doing right up until you inevitably do answer."
Parents try so hard to be the "right" parent instead of just naturally being a parent. It's okay not to know everything.
Thank you for posting, I look forward to reading more.
If you ever have a chance, take a look at my blog.
Johanna's Blog

Teacher Comments

C4T #2 - Post 2: Off Into the World

In the post Off Into the World Teacher Tom talks about how one of the hard parts of being a preschool teacher is having to let your children go you have invested so much time into them. But also knowing that they are moving up into the world and being happy for their success. 

My comment to Teacher Tom:

Hi Tom, 

I'm Johanna Logan a student at the University of South Alabama studying to become a Elementary teacher. As a preschool teacher myself I can second the fact that it is hard to see them leave after spending so much time in your care. But oh the joy you feel when you know they are prepared to move on to bigger things. 
Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading! 
If you ever get a chance take a look at my blog. 

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Blog Post #7

What are the things that you believe you will need to know AND do to prepare for your career as as teacher before you graduate that will enable and support your ability to use technology effectively as a component of your classroom instruction and to foster student participation and learning?
Picture of a apple
Technology in the world today is constantly evolving allowing us to consistently learn new things. As a future educator there are several things I feel I need to learn and experience before I can say with confidence that I am ready to be a teacher. This class has helped a great deal with that by allowing me to start gaining the background knowledge on PBL that I will need once I have a classroom of my own. Starting this class I was very iffy on having a classroom based around technology, but now that I have seen the importance and the success it has brought I know that it is a necessity.

Video Summaries

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten

Kindergartners are interacting with technology more and more as time progresses. Students in Ms. Tuck's Kindergarten class are completing full iMovie book trailers for books they have read in class. Alabama Virtual Library is free to everyone, it teaches students basic research. AVL searches for images, encyclopedias, books and etc.

We All Become Learners

When incorporating technology in the classroom you are constantly learning. With technology teachers are becoming learners, and children are becoming teachers. Children are becoming so eager to figure out how to work the technology given, such as an iPad, that once they have mastered how to complete something they want to go around the class and teach everyone who dosen't know how, even the teacher.

iPads in the Classroom

In this video each student is given his/her own iPad to follow along with while the teacher is teaching. Studies have shown that students are more engaged and excited to learn when they know that they are using the iPad. I liked how one teacher said that using the iPad in the classroom was like going on a virtual field trip. Proficiencies in classrooms with iPads have gone up allowing teachers to become more efficient. Teachers who have actually experienced using the iPads in their classes have argued that using the iPads have increased the number of child interaction in their class.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education

"Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who don't use technology will be replaced by those who do."
  1. Students love it, whether its the cool factor or just a general interest in new technology. 
  2. It engages the four key components in learning, active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real word experts. 
  3. Professional development: technology allows them to learn a new skill set.
  4. It makes things easier for teachers. 
  5. Improves test scores, students are allowed to move at their own pace. 
  6. Helps students with low attention spans. 
  7. Learn from the experts.
  8. Encourages homework.
  9. Saves money.
  10. Removes obstacles. 

Project #7: Four Movies Part B

To the Parents....

To the Students...