Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blog Post #9: What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

Little boy holding the letters that spell learn
In the Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning article it teaches us that we need to stray away from the old fashioned pen and paper style learning and incorporate Project Based Learning into our classrooms. Students feed off of the teacher, and if we as teachers don't show interest and interaction into the lesson or project that is being presented, then neither will they. 

Project Based Learning For Teachers informs us that Common Core is the WHAT and Project Based Learning is the HOW. Meaning we are given standards on what the students need to be learning and we need to use Project Based Learning to show how they have learned it. 

it was neat to see the different things that motivated the different students. the classroom store was my favorite in particular. Personally, I fell that the reward pushes the child to be more involved so that they can learn in order to pass what ever assessment or achievement they have to in order to get the reward. The reward lets the students know that the teacher is willing to give credit when effort is put in. 

video was by far my favorite. I  love how a problem so small in the ever day life of Jonathan and Tyler became such an important project. Through this project theses two boys were able to figure out how to create a solution to their problem, and even got to use a 3D printer to print their finalized project. 

I found the Ten Sites Supporting Digital Classroom Collaboration In Project Based Learning article to be very helpful and informative, especially as a new teacher. Though a lot of the sites we have already been introduced to in EDM 310 there were a few that we haven not. Even for teacher who have not had a course like EDM 310 this sites gives insightful knowledge on helpful sites to use in your classroom while incorporating Project Based Learning.

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  1. Ms. Logan,
    Great blog post! You followed all of the guidelines in "Creating a Quality Blog Post" and you also did not have any grammatical errors. The only suggestion I would make on this post would be to change the "than" in the last sentence of your first paragraph to "then". The video of the kids who fixed their ketchup bottle problem was also my favorite video! Its nice to see kids excited about learning and solving real life problems. Your post is very thorough and informative. Keep up the good work!