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What are the things that you believe you will need to know AND do to prepare for your career as as teacher before you graduate that will enable and support your ability to use technology effectively as a component of your classroom instruction and to foster student participation and learning?
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Technology in the world today is constantly evolving allowing us to consistently learn new things. As a future educator there are several things I feel I need to learn and experience before I can say with confidence that I am ready to be a teacher. This class has helped a great deal with that by allowing me to start gaining the background knowledge on PBL that I will need once I have a classroom of my own. Starting this class I was very iffy on having a classroom based around technology, but now that I have seen the importance and the success it has brought I know that it is a necessity.

Video Summaries

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten

Kindergartners are interacting with technology more and more as time progresses. Students in Ms. Tuck's Kindergarten class are completing full iMovie book trailers for books they have read in class. Alabama Virtual Library is free to everyone, it teaches students basic research. AVL searches for images, encyclopedias, books and etc.

We All Become Learners

When incorporating technology in the classroom you are constantly learning. With technology teachers are becoming learners, and children are becoming teachers. Children are becoming so eager to figure out how to work the technology given, such as an iPad, that once they have mastered how to complete something they want to go around the class and teach everyone who dosen't know how, even the teacher.

iPads in the Classroom

In this video each student is given his/her own iPad to follow along with while the teacher is teaching. Studies have shown that students are more engaged and excited to learn when they know that they are using the iPad. I liked how one teacher said that using the iPad in the classroom was like going on a virtual field trip. Proficiencies in classrooms with iPads have gone up allowing teachers to become more efficient. Teachers who have actually experienced using the iPads in their classes have argued that using the iPads have increased the number of child interaction in their class.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education

"Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who don't use technology will be replaced by those who do."
  1. Students love it, whether its the cool factor or just a general interest in new technology. 
  2. It engages the four key components in learning, active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real word experts. 
  3. Professional development: technology allows them to learn a new skill set.
  4. It makes things easier for teachers. 
  5. Improves test scores, students are allowed to move at their own pace. 
  6. Helps students with low attention spans. 
  7. Learn from the experts.
  8. Encourages homework.
  9. Saves money.
  10. Removes obstacles. 

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  1. Johanna, you will be a really good teacher. You got very interested in this assignment and did a good job covering all the points presented in the videos.