Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Post #14: Teaching Our Children Can Be a Profession by Joel Klein

Joel KleinWhile reading  Teaching Our Children Can Be a Profession I came across different problems with teaching in our society that stood out to me the most.  

First problem: Teachers are being hired only because of a degree. 
Solution: Hire teachers who not only have a degree, but were in the top of their class.

I couldn't agree more that this a serious problem in schools all across the world. The solution to this problem is a step in the right direction, but personally I would add more to it.  Maybe not only look for teachers who were the top of their class, but also look for things such as teachers who 
affiliated themselves in activities and organizations regarding their degree.  

Second problem: Teachers who have had more experience will continue to be chose first because of seniority. 
Solution: To make teaching a profession by treating all teachers as equals, and allowing teachers to earn their levels of achievement.

This problem was occurring even before I entered college as a Education major. I personally feel like the solution to this problem is very obtainable. In the article Klein speaks of a  "national teaching exam" that gives teachers the opportunity to earn their raises and achievements through "knowledge-based" testing, having similarities to entry exams for doctors and lawyers. I think that this is definitely a fair way to allow teachers the goals of achievement they deserve.

I really enjoyed reading this article. It lifts a burden knowing that their are other Educators out their that feel the sam as me. Teaching is a highly underestimated profession that deserves more credit than what it gets. We educators are shaping the future of our nation, if you ask me that's pretty important. 

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