Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blog Post #5: PLN's What Are They? 1

What are Personal Learning Networks (PLN's)? How can they help you as a teacher? How are they formed? How can you create your own PLN? Who will be the additions to your PLN?

the word LEARN in chat bubbles
A Personal Learning Network, also known as a PLN is a personalized network of resources you use on a daily basis. The beauty of PLN's is that they are constantly changing as you grow as an educator. A PLN can include both real life relationships as well as relationships you develop with people over social media. Personal Learning Networks let you personalize who you are as a teacher. You will find new things that you feel help you become a better educator and add them into you PLN. You will also find things that you might have added a long time ago that no longer suit the type of educator you have become. I personally found Symbaloo to be really helpful in establishing a social media PLN. It was very organized and user friendly, especially to beginners. It gave easy access to all the sites I use on a daily basis on one page. Now that I have a clear understanding of how PLN's work, my additions will be the teachers I comment back and forth with as well as a the kids I have been commenting back and forth with. Another great addition would be some of the blogs I have been reading lately, a lot of them have given supplemental information I feel would help me as a future educator.

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