Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog Post #1: What About EDM 310?

I  have heard my fair share of rumors about EDM 310, and terrified is an understatement. Just a few of the things I have heard is that this class is a lot of work and can become overwhelming if your time is not managed properly. I have also heard that in order to pass this class you have to work for your grade. Nothing in this class is given to you unless you earn it. My biggest fear for this class is that I am not going to be able to manage my time as well as I want. I'm hoping that soon I learn how to manage all of this so that all my work can be done well and turned in on time. 

Image of ABC on a chalk board

I took my first 300 level course last semester and loved it! It was nothing compared to my regular 100 level courses. It was more hands on and what we learned actually pertained to my major, and so I am hoping EDM 310 is the same. The most difficult thing for me in this class is going to be what I'm most afraid of, and that is my time management skills. I plan to address this difficulty by doing my best at staying organized and doing everything I can to stay on top of my time management. I have several unanswered questions about this class and I plan on using the available help to answer those questions, such as Dr. Lomax, Mr. G, and the lab assistants. I hope to learn as much in this course as possible so that I can be aware on how to incorporate technology in my future classroom. 


  1. Johanna,
    Those were my fears too! Just a suggestion, but I have found that using a day planner greatly helps me in keeping my class life and personal life organized. With 4 classes and 2 kids, I understand that time needs to be managed properly. I still get behind some even with a day planner, but using one that gives large space to write EVERYTHING for that day truly is a great tool for busy lives!

  2. Thank you for your suggestion Misti! I have recently been trying to adjust myself to writting everything down in my planner. It seems to be helping alot!