Monday, May 4, 2015

Project #16: Professional Reflection

IX. Professional Reflection

1. How does this lesson build on the technological literacy of your students?

I feel that our lesson builds on the technological literacy of our students by allowing them to engage in the lesson by using technological tools. By navigating these tools they are developing a better understanding of how theses tools work.

2. In what specific ways does the project engage your students?

They are completing a project where research is required by using an iPad. Through this the children are able to work collaboratively with their assigned group to agree on the most important information. They also are interacting with the whole class by participating in a SMART Board activity.

3. What additional technologies and/or networked information resources may have further enhanced this lesson?

I feel that if the students would have been able to have access to their own Mac Book so that they could individually engage in the project at hand it would have further enhanced the lesson.

5. If I/we had the opportunity to present this lesson again to this same audience, would I/we do anything differently? What? Why?

If we had a chance to present this lesson again we would involve more technology so that the kids are becoming technologically literate on more than just on more than just one device.

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